General Astrology, Science’s History, Chronology, Cheirology (Scientific Palmistry), Bach Flowers, Information about events (congress, etc.)

Empirical Meteorology, History of Ancient Meteorology, Astrometeorology, Long Term Forecast, information about events (congress, etc.)



1.What is Astrology

2. Brief history of Astrology

3. Ancient science, modern science

4. The life as learning

5. Astronomy and calendar

6. Published works


8. Links

9. Spanish Society of Astrology

10. Bibliography

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1. An enormous hollow in the History of Meteorology

2.  Astronomical markers of climatic spells

3.  Empirical Meteorology (Meteorognomy)

4.  Bibliography

5.  In order to learn Empirical Meteorology and Astrometeorology

6. Spanish Cultural Society of “Cabañuelas” and Astrometeorology

7.  Links to other Internet pages     

9.  Articles on Empirical Meteorology, Astometeorology and Natural Philosophy

10. Prognoses (climatic spells forecast)

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